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Service Mission: Customer Satisfaction!
Service concept: Every little thing of the user is a big deal!
(1) Product Three Guarantee Policy
1. Repair policy
In 2013, the domestic heat pump (heating capacity is less than or equal to 17500W) and the dehumidifier repair policy for the whole machine for 2 years.
The warranty policy for domestic heat pump water heaters purchased before January 1, 2013: according to the package repair regulations of the year.
One of the following conditions is not covered by the scope of repair: special service outlets can perform maintenance according to the relevant provisions of this manual:
1.1 The consumer is damaged due to improper use, maintenance and storage;
1.2 Damage caused by the installation and maintenance of the special service outlets designated by Non-McKen (including the installation or disassembly of the consumers);
1.3 No repair certificate and valid invoice or valid purchase certificate;
1.4 The valid certificate and the repair certificate are inconsistent or altered;
1.5 Damage caused by irresistible natural disasters or poor use of the environment;
1.6 processed products, products that have exceeded the repair period.
2. Replacement policy
According to the three-package period stipulated by the state, during the repair period, the following conditions are met, and when the user refuses to repair, the machine can be changed.
2.1 Within 15 days from the date of sale, the main performance failure occurs, and if it cannot work normally, it can be changed.
2.2 According to the three-package period stipulated by the state, during the repair period, the main performance faults are repaired twice in a row, and if they cannot work normally, they can be replaced, and the repair period is re-started according to the national three-package regulations (replacement only) .
3, the policy of returning
According to the three-package period stipulated by the state, the following conditions are met, and when the user refuses to repair or change the machine, the machine can be returned.
3.1 Within 10 days from the date of sale, major performance failures, such as compressor failure, heat exchanger leakage, etc., may be withdrawn.
3.2 Within one year from the date of sale, the user has not been able to repair it for more than two consecutive times (referring to the main performance).
(2) Free installation policy
1. Free installation range
Meike's domestic heat pumps, including split and integrated, are free to install. The free installation is the responsibility of the sales unit and may not be charged to the user, but the following conditions can be negotiated with the user for an additional fee:
1.1 It is necessary to lengthen the connecting pipe;
1.2 Installation by crane or sling; construction outside the wall on the fourth floor (no additional charge for balcony construction);
1.3 Drill holes and more than one wall hole in reinforced concrete walls with a thickness exceeding 120mm;
1.4 Demolition of the anti-theft net to be installed; removal and re-installation;
1.5 All materials such as iron frames are installed.
1.6 The installation location is within 20 km from the location of the outlet. The toll is free of charge. If the distance exceeds 20 km, the excess will be charged by 1 yuan per kilometer per way. However, if the sales intention is reached, the user shall not express it to the user. The remote toll is charged, and the sales unit is responsible for subsidizing the installer.
2. Charges are installed in the following cases:
2.1 Install a dehumidifier;
2.2 Integral heat pump drill vent hole;
2.3 No valid invoice or valid proof of purchase, no bar code.
respected user:
If you have any complaints about the charges during the installation and maintenance of our company, you are welcome to call the Meike service price report: 0757-23669553