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Heat pump test center was established in September 2010, a total investment of about about 1200000, officially put into use in January 2011, by the Guangzhou Odin Technology Development Co. Ltd and the Division I completed jointly developed, the test chamber is the air conditioner performance test room of a comprehensive application of it, the water side heat meter method, the accurate determination of the air source heat pump heat and electricity the parameters and other technical data. At the same time, it can also be used for other standard operating conditions and the expansion of the test, to provide us with a complete set of product testing equipment, to meet the product testing and product development and use.
Table of main function of laboratory :

Seal performance test for refrigerant system

Power test for thermal power consumption of electric heating equipment

Heat pump operation test

Heat pump heating power consumption test

Heat pump operating test

Shower spray test

Freeze proof test

Condensation test

Condensate removal ability test

Automatic thawing test

Simulated noise test

Wind pressure test

Variable voltage / condition test

Electrical safety performance test



Laboratory programmable controller control center



Air source heat pump Laboratory