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Why choose MACON EVI DC inverter heat pump?

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  1. Full DC Inverter Technology

MACON EVI DC inverter heat pump, using the most advanced full DC frequency conversion technology design, compressor and fan motor are using DC variable speed technology design. Spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons change, water temperature changes, the unit will be adjusted to operate at the highest energy efficiency state.

  1. The perfect combination of user experience and application scenario functionality

MACON 30 years of heat pump design experience, product own intellectual property rights, achievement of Macon frequency conversion technology leading the development trend of frequency conversion pool heat pump technology. According to the user's needs and experience design products, to meet the use of different scenarios. The working modes are: super heating mode, energy saving mode and mute mode.

  1. Super heating performance at low ambient temperature

When MACON EVI DC inverter heat pump works at low ambient temperature, the compressor replenishes refrigerant gas through the injection port, increases circulating flow and enthalpy, and applies quasi two-stage compression and DC inverter technology. The unit has super heating performance and can maintain the rated heating output even when the outdoor ambient temperature is as low as - 15 . The traditional heat pump can only reach 60% of the rated heating capacity.

  1. High COP 

MACON DC inverter heat pump COP up to 6.8.

  1. Low Noise Running

A fully enclosed cabinet is specially designed for the compressor so that the running noise can be kept inside and the noise of the whole unit can maintain very low.

  1. APP Control

Wi-Fi signals connect your phone to EVI DC inverter heat pump, and the APP allows you to remotely control your heat pump, making your life easier.

  1. Heat exchanger

Using advanced high efficiency plate heat exchanger or Shell and tube heat exchanger.

  1. Industrial Grade Electronic Expansion Valve throttling device

Using industrial-grade electronic expansion valve control technology, accurate refrigerant circulation flow control, heat pump working in a stable state, refrigeration and heating are kept double efficient.

  1. Energy saving and environmental friendly

Using high-technology of heat pump, 65-80% of running cost can save compared with other heating machines (such as the fuel gas boiler, electric boilers, etc.)Absolutely no air pollution, environmental friendly.

  1. Environmental Protection

Using R32 refrigerants, CO2, zero emissions, no pollution, no waste gas, no waste discharge and green environmental protection.

  1. Safety use

Hydropower isolated, no leakage, safety.

  1. Multi-protect

With Water flow switch built-in, automatic defrost, antifreeze protection function.

  1. Advanced control and easy operation

Micro-computer control, LCD display, super power failure memory and timing on/off function, and with remote ON/OFF and mode select control.

  1. Working quietly

With low noise compressor and fan motor design, unit works quietly. 

  1. Work environment

EVI type design product is suitable for-35 ~ 53 outdoor ambient temperature.

  1. Optional

Horizontal fan direction type or upward fan direction type for option

Case material optional metal shell and spray coating, 304 stainless steel, ABS plastic housing

LCD or LED or Dot-matrix touch screen wire controller for option.