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Air can industry top ten brands Macon air can reveal the answer

2023-02-09 15:28:43

"You are in the southern sun, the snow is blowing all over the sky; In the cold night in the north, the four seasons are like spring. "Nanshan Nan" tells how many good friends in the north talk about central heating, and how many good friends in the south complain about winter heating. Naturally, due to the capital construction, cost and other objective factors, whether in the south or the north, for many areas of the town, the completion of central heating or is unrealistic, so the real focus of attention, depending on what kind of heating we should choose, is the focus.

In recent years, with the deepening of China's "double carbon" strategy, coal heating has gradually become a "past time", to represent the principle of heat pump air can gradually become the main force of air source heating sales market, but also continued to emerge a number of famous brands, such as "China's top ten brands in the field of air energy", "the world's top 500 new energy technology brand" Macon. So, with the power drive, the air can be substantially different from the central air conditioning we are familiar with at the heating level? Here we will compare from five aspects to see which kind of heating method has more advantages.


Comparison 1: comfort level

In fact, in principle, air energy and central air conditioning are guided by electromagnetic energy, and indoor and outdoor heat exchangers are completed with the help of refrigeration compressors, but the heat removal end level is completely different. At this stage, the heat release of air heating depends on the water circulation system method dominated by the ground heating as the main body, and the general central air conditioning is mostly heated by coil fan fluorine circulation system, which is just the word difference between "water" and "fluorine", depending on the two in the level of heating comfort there are very different differences.

As we all know, floor heating is one of the most comfortable heating methods, because the warm air is relatively light, will float upward, and because of the heat transfer from low to high, more in line with the traditional health science in the "warm people to warm feet" development concept, is conducive to improving microcirculation, accelerate metabolism. There will be no dry warm wind blowing directly on the body, will not easily bring skin moisture. In turn, the central air conditioner is generally heated by coil fans, and the warm air is conveyed at the top to the bottom. The body often appears the phenomenon of hot head cold feet, does not conform to the normal physiological conditions of the human body. Therefore, air can be more comfortable in heating than central air conditioning.

Comparison 2: the ability to adapt to ultra-low temperature

For winter heating machines and equipment, it is very important to have high adaptability in the low temperature environment. Generally, when the central air conditioning outdoor unit is at 0°C, the heating level will gradually become weaker, and when it is at -5 °C, it is basically impossible to warm. And the air energy system can still warm normally at minus 20°C. Some new power models, such as Macon Aijia 2 series product air energy floor heating machine, are equipped with ETS guidance computer operating system independently developed by Macon. This model has 1Hz full DC frequency conversion technology, steam and liquid double injection technology EVLI, three-valve joint prevention technology TVL, solid change, coupling and double flow defrosting technology SVCDFD and other key technologies can realize the refrigerant circulation system quantity increase by 20%, even under -36℃ natural environment conditions, can still be efficient heating, at the same time also has 3min intelligent frost key technology, to ensure accurate, rapid, low energy defrosting.

The same standard Macon air energy low temperature converter was selected to go to the Arctic with the "Snow Dragon 2" in this winter, to warm soilless cultivation technology tomatoes, green melons and other fruits and vegetables in the vegetable greenhouses of the Great Wall Station of the Antarctic scientific research, and its ability to resist low temperature is also visible.

According to three: energy conservation and emission reduction

Winter heating, air energy machine equipment or general central air conditioning which is more cost-effective? Based on the heat efficiency analysis, we can clearly say that air can have an advantage in this respect. For example, with the help of the frequency conversion and high efficiency control system independently developed by Macon, Macon Aijia 2 series of air energy heating machines achieve a comprehensive energy consumption level of 3.26 under the working temperature of -12℃, which exceeds the standard of 3.2 of China's primary energy efficiency and has the largest environmental protection and energy saving characteristics in the same industry at present. This means that customers will consume less and less electricity when they use Macon Aijia 2 series products air energy floor heating machine to carry out heating.

Taking 100 square meters three-room heating as an example, heating in April, 14 hours a day, under the condition of 98000kcal daily consumption of heat, the application of Micken Aijia 2 series of products air energy floor heating machine heating only costs 19 yuan a day, lasting 4 months of heating season cost 2280 yuan, compared with electric heating saving 4770 yuan, at the same time compared with coal-fired steam pot Furnace heating, natural gas boiler heating and central air conditioning heating are each saved about 1800 yuan, 1944 yuan, 3420 yuan, energy saving and emission reduction and cost reduction can be seen.

Through the above interpretation, we must have a relatively intuitive understanding of the many advantages of air heating. I hope you can contribute your own strength in such a cold winter, use Macon air heating machine and other new upgrading heating methods to update your winter family life, enjoy the convenience and leisure brought by green ecological technology, and complete more comfortable and cost-effective as soon as possible "Heating at will".

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