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Air Source Heat Pumps

2023-01-30 09:18:17

What Exactly Is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump is a device that is able to absorb heat from the outside air, and then deliver this heat within the interior of buildings. There are actually a couple of types of air source heating system technology available today. First of all, there are air to air systems which are able to provide warm air, that which is circulated to heat an entire building, and air to water systems which also accomplish a similar task, heating water which can provide both heating and hot water for buildings via radiators, or and underfloor system in the building itself.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Efficient?

If you have an electrically heated home in the UK, if these units are installed, based upon figures that were obtained from the Energy Saving Trust, these air source heat pumps could actually help save £870 every single year on heating bills as well as prevent the release of 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide throughout the year. This savings will of course vary depending upon what type of fuel is actually being replaced.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Actually Work?

An air source heat pump is a device that has three primary parts:

There is the evaporator coil which is able to absorb heat from the outside air. The compressor pumps a type of refrigerant through the heat pump, then compresses the gaseous refrigerant to the proper temperature for heat distribution.

The heat exchanger will then transfer the heat made available through the refrigerant to either air or water.

The air-to-water system will then make it possible for the heat to be used to heat water which can preheat water within a storage tank, or it can circulate through the underfloor of a building or can simply be redirected to radiators.

Heat pumps will produce very hot water which will actually be at a lower temperature (typically 35-45o C) than what is typical of standard boiler systems, which then will make the underfloor heating very effective. Additionally, the air-to-air system can be used to produce warm air which is circulated by fans that are part of the system that can heat an entire building.

Can Air Source Heat Pumps Work in a Residential Home?

Here are a few conditions to consider before using an air source heat pump in this capacity:

First of all, you will need on an external wall for an installer to place the evaporator coil. You also need to think about the fuel but is being replaced.

Do you need back up heating for additional water or space heating?

This will really depend upon your heating needs in comparison to the size of the system that you design and install. Is your home currently being built? If this is the case, it will be much cheaper to install an air source heat pump during the construction stage instead of waiting until everything is complete.

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