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Two stage EVI DC inverter air source heat pump(85°C hot water)

1. Max hot water temperature 85°C degree. 2. Working ambient temperature ranger:-35°C~43°C . 3. Heating + Domestic hot water.
Product description
Unit parameters

MACON two-stage EVI DC inverter air source pump:

  1. MACON two-stage EVI DC inverter air source pump adopts two-stage compression cycle system design, the first stage adopts EVI DC inverter heat pump cycle system design, and the second stage adopts constant speed compressor heat pump cycle system design.
  2. Macon two-stage EVI DC inverter air source pump adopts industrial application design technology. The product is suitable for ambient temperature range: - 35 ° C ~ 43 ° C and outlet water temperature range: 20 ° C ~ 85 ° C. it works reliably.
  3. Macon two-stage EVI DC inverter air source pump has super heating performance for cold area.
  4. Applicable to cold areas for house heating and domestic hot water. It can replace traditional coal-fired, oil-burning, or electric boiler and directly connect to radiators for house heating.
  5. It can also be applied to those sites where high temperature hot water is needed such as hospital, bathing pool, sauna, factory, slaughter house, house and commercial places.
  6. It has been exported to Cold areas like Norway, Finland and Canada for house heating use.
  7. Multifunction design and independent double temperature control, which can meet the demand of domestic hot water and house heating at the same time.
  8. Smart comfort energy-saving curve control working mode for radiator heating. It will automatically adjust the heating supply water temperature according to the change of ambient temperature.
  9. Super wide operating temperature range: -35~43.
  10. Max hot water temperature 85°C degree.



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