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MACON EVI DC inverter swimming pool heat pump

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1) Design using low-temperature vapor inject enthalpy-increasing DC inverter compressor, DC variable speed Fan, industrial-grade electronic expansion valve, adaptive to the whole season work, accurate refrigerant flow control technology, super heating performance.

2) Operating under off-design conditions, COP up to 18.

3) Operating ambient temperature range:-35 ° C ~ 53 ° C.

4) Rated outlet water temperature: 28 °C; maximum outlet water temperature: 45 °C.

5)10m long range noise level as low as 35dB(A).

6) There are three heating function modes: quick heating mode, economic mode and mute mode.

7) Swimming pools are warm all the time and enjoy a healthy life every day.

8) R32 refrigerant, low GWP.